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Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?

There’s a common misconception that polished concrete floors are slippery, causing many to write them off as unsafe for their home or business. However, this simply isn’t the case!

When done right, concrete polishing can create a slip-resistant surface. Keep reading to learn more about why this flooring option is much safer than your average flooring material.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

We can credit the natural anti-slip properties of polished concrete to three qualities:

Low Maintenance

Clean surfaces are key to preventing slips and falls, but floors like wood or tile, can take a lot of time to maintain. These traditional flooring options typically have tiny crevices and imperfections that can trap dirt and germs.

Concrete floors are much easier to clean. The polishing process creates a very smooth surface that won’t let dirt accumulate, so you can keep them in pristine condition with the occasional sweep, mop, or vacuum.

High Coefficient of Friction

The coefficient of friction measures (between zero to one) the resistance of motion between two surfaces relative to gravity. In other words, a number closer to one indicate a higher slip resistance.

Polished concrete floors have a coefficient between 0.49 and 0.59. To give you some perspective, 0.42 is the national standard for non-slip flooring. This anti-slip property is why you see polished concrete in places like hospitals, school cafeterias, factories, and other areas where slips are especially hazardous.

Easier to Find Imperfections

How many times have you tripped on a damaged surface? It’s easier to see surface imperfections in polished concrete because the mirror-like finish is so smooth, unlike traditional materials where bumps, cracks, and chips can go unnoticed. By finding the damage sooner, you can repair it before anyone gets hurt.

Ways to Make Your Polished Concrete Floors Safer

Do you want to invest in concrete polishing? If so, you can take a few extra steps to ensure that your floors are as safe as possible:

Clean Your Floor Regularly

Many studies prove that dirty concrete floors cause nasty accidents and injuries more often than clean concrete. Scheduled maintenance can help reduce the risk of slips and falls on your flooring. In general, it’s best to sweep and mop the floors at least once a week.

Apply Anti-skid Agents

Many companies offer anti-skid polish, a clear, liquid sealer that helps create an extra layer of grip on the surface. It’s safe to use indoors and outdoors and can last for a long time.

Purchase Liquid Absorbent Mats

Does your concrete floor tend to get wet? If so, it’s a good idea to place absorptive mats in high-traffic areas like entryways and kitchens. While not necessary, they can help reduce the risk of slips and falls on wet surfaces.

Invest in Anti-Slip Concrete Coatings

If you want maximum protection, consider investing in an anti-slip concrete coating. This sealer creates a slip-resistant surface that can last many years with proper maintenance. Many commercial and industrial facilities use this type of coating to ensure their polished concrete floors are as safe as possible.

Get Premium Concrete Polishing in Orange County

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