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Turn your pool area in Riverside, CA, into an enviable oasis with pool deck coatings from Epoxy Time. Contact us today for a free quote!

Do you want to make your pool deck look like a million dollars? At Epoxy Time, we give customers an affordable way to revitalize their pool areas with beautiful and long-lasting pool deck coatings.

We offer the most durable coating systems to help prevent water and UV sunlight damage on your concrete surfaces. What’s more, our pool coatings are slip-resistant, keeping you safe as you while away the hours enjoying valuable pool time.

We offer a variety of pool deck coating options to suit any taste or style. With years of experience, we guarantee that our high-quality products and services will leave you pleased every time.

For many homeowners, nothing says “I love my home” like the summertime backyard oasis of a good-as-new pool area. Let Epoxy Time give you that desirable space.

Contact us today at (949) 468-7778 to schedule a free consultation. We are also experts at patio coatings, so get in touch with our team to schedule a free consultation.

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At Epoxy Time, we use a better-than-epoxy floor coating system called polyaspartic flooring.

Enjoy Enhanced Durability and Aesthetic Appeal with Our Pool Deck Coatings

Epoxy pool deck coatings are among the most popular and practical ways to resurface concrete surfaces in California. Our durable epoxy base combined with a polyaspartic topcoat contains up to four times the plasticity of similar coatings. It also has excellent flexibility properties that make it perfect for pool areas.

The pool deck is the most overlooked part of a home. The surface doesn’t just need to keep your feet from getting scorched or keep your children from slipping when they run, but it should also add curb appeal and value. Choose your preferred style of pool deck resurfacing from our attractive gallery for an eye-catching effect that will last you all year round.

What Are the Benefits of Opting for Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Is your concrete pool deck looking a little worse for wear? It might be time to resurface your pool area. Epoxy pool deck coatings allow for the repair of all types of damage while enhancing aggregate design.

If you feel like an epoxy-and-polyaspartic pool deck would be the perfect addition to your home, contact our team of experts. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have about this option.

Other key benefits of pool epoxy-and-polyaspartic flooring include the following.

Enhanced Stain-Resistance

Polyaspartic material is the perfect choice for pool areas. These areas have a high exposure to water damage and harsh chemicals that may spill on them.

Fade-Proof Surfacing

Polyaspartic pool deck coatings are 100% UV stable. This is great news for those who want their pool to stay looking sharp year-round, especially on a hot, dry Riverside summer day when temperatures can quickly hit the high 90s.

Fast Installation

You won’t believe the remarkable things that you can do with your concrete coatings in one day! Polyaspartic materials’ quick cure time makes it possible for all of these benefits to happen.

Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Protection

At Epoxy Time, we use anti-slip aggregate to provide enhanced slip resistance for our epoxy-and-polyaspartic concrete pool deck coating. It also improves safety by ensuring that you and your family are always on a non slippery surface while working or walking around your home.

High traffic areas will still give you years of use, with the surface looking great. We also offers far more flexibility than traditional epoxy, which means fewer cracks and better resistant to humidity.

pool deck resurfacing options

Extend the Life of Your Pool Deck Coating with Professional Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the best way to extend your pool deck’s life. Staying on top of repairs will ensure that it always looks great in like-new condition with routine care from our team here at Epoxy Time.

We recommend sweeping and mopping your pool decking surfaces regularly. Our experts also spray down stone or travertine pavers to keep them looking new! If you notice any cracks on these materials that have developed over time because of neglect, take action quickly before it is too late.

Why Choose Epoxy Time for Your Pool Deck Resurfacing?

If you’re looking for a pool deck resurfacing company in Riverside, CA, then look no further than Epoxy Time. We are the best!

Our team will give your home or business an unmatched level of professionalism and quality workmanship with each project. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish, whether it’s new pool deck coatings or epoxy floor crack repair. We never sacrifice quality and use only the highest quality material with 10-year product warranty.

You can count on us to deliver a beautiful, safe, and durable pool deck for your home!

Epoxy Time also offers commercial coatings for your business or industrial space. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Epoxy Time Concrete Pool Deck Coating Installation Process

At Epoxy Time, our professionals have decades of experience in pool deck coatings and are licensed, bonded, and insured to do the job right.

It’s easy to get a fresh new look with our one-day service. We’ll come into your home and install your epoxy-and-polyaspartic pool deck in next-to-no time.

At Epoxy Time, we offer fast pool deck resurfacing for Riverside homes or businesses and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free estimate.

We use a detailed process for projects throughout Riverside, or anywhere we serve, with excellence. The installation process includes the following steps:

Step 1:

To improve the durability of the concrete, we use diamond grinding and shot blasting to make the surface more porous.

Step 2:

We then ensure a level surface for your pool deck by fixing any cracks before removing stains and debris.

Step 3:

Our team will apply a self-priming epoxy base coat over the concrete for an extremely durable foundation.

Step 4:

We then transform the look of your epoxy floor with a custom-designed chip pattern in different colors, shapes, and sizes of your choice.

Step 5:

We remove any leftover flakes for a seamless appearance after the curing process is complete.

Step 6:

Finally, the team applies a clear polyaspartic topcoat to the pool deck for increased UV-damage-resistance, safety, and durability.

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Contact Us for Quality Pool Deck Coatings in Riverside, CA

Your next pool deck coating installation is just a phone call away! At Epoxy Time, we’ve got all the information you need on pool deck coatings so we can help you make an educated decision about your new project.

Reach us at (949) 468-7778, and we can get started right away. We will schedule a no-obligation visit from one of our Riverside experts, who will guide you on what type of pool deck coatings are best suited to your property.


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