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Epoxy Time is the most reliable company for epoxy garage floor coating services in Riverside, CA, and surrounding areas—call us today for a free estimate on your next garage transformation.

Epoxy garage floor coating is popular because most garage surfaces see plenty of wear and tear. It’s a busy place with vehicles back and forth, tool drops, fluid spills, and more. Epoxy Time’s solution is to use an epoxy garage floor coating system that will instantly restore your garage floor to like-new condition and protect the surfaces moving forward.

Feel free to learn more about our epoxy garage floor coating expertise from our customer reviews online, or call our friendly professionals for a free estimate.

Epoxy Time Serves Riverside and Beyond

Do you have a home or business garage area in need of some attention? Consider the affordable services from Epoxy Time for epoxy floor solutions and much more. Our competent team serves Riverside, CA, and the surrounding areas of:

Add Value With A New Epoxy Garage Floor Coating—Riverside, CA

Property is a significant investment and garage epoxy from Epoxy Time is a great way to boost the market value of your home or business. These coatings make it easier to keep any garage in top condition, and it is attractive, too.

Epoxy garage floor options add value by offering you:

  • Aesthetics: A beautifully finished garage floor adds a designer aspect to any residential or commercial property.
  • Durability: Epoxy garage floor coating protects the surface from chips, cracks, and stains and keeps the garage looking great for years.
  • Safety: Epoxy flooring typically enhances the safety of the area, particularly if the garage is often wet enough to cause slippage or accidents. A non-slip surface reduces the risk of slip-and-fall lawsuits and safeguards any visitors or employees in the garage.

What Beats Garage Epoxy? Coating That Is Four Times Stronger

At Epoxy Time, we use a better-than-epoxy floor coating system called polyaspartic flooring. This modern material gives you the epoxy floor coating finish you need with added benefits, including four times the strength of traditional epoxy garage floor coating products. It is tough as nails, decorative, and delivers great value for money.

Polyaspartic options are better in the garage, and epoxy is strong, but polyurethane coatings are stronger. High traffic areas will still give you years of use, with the surface looking great. It also offers far more flexibility than traditional epoxy properties, which means fewer cracks and better handling of California’s humidity.

Other benefits of this alternative to epoxy garage floor coating include:

Garage Floor Epoxy That Cures in a Day

Epoxy Time can have your epoxy garage floor coating ready for use in just one working day. Traditional epoxy coatings can take up to seven days to fully cure, and nothing should touch the surface during this period.

Beautiful Designs

Our garage floor process is not only a functional flooring solution but an attractive one. There is a wide range of colors and flakes to make your garage floor as unique as you desire. So, you get an effortless designer look alongside excellent protection for the garage floor.

Incredible Damage Resistance

Epoxy Time’s goal is to deliver value and peace of mind on every project, and our Riverside customers choose polyaspartic coatings for these exact benefits. We take traditional epoxy flooring to a new level of damage resistance, with strong base coats and flawless topcoats that resist chips, cracks, and UV fading and do not yellow with time. Your new garage floor will withstand tool drops, repel fluid stains, and handle any amount of traffic you can throw at it.

Better Slip Resistance

Epoxy flooring is slip-resistant, and polyaspartic options are even better in this department. Let Epoxy Time enhance the safety of your home or workplace by keeping everyone on their feet.

Easy Maintenance

Keep your floors polished, our highly skilled technicians provide the garage floor coating you need to make cleanup a breeze. Unprotected concrete surfaces are porous and stain easily, but our polyaspartic topcoats take care of that quickly. You will be able to wash away any spills with a little soap and water, keeping your floor looking amazing with very little effort.

Our Epoxy Garage Floor Process

Do you have a polyaspartic or epoxy garage floor coating project coming up? Epoxy Time starts with a detailed and honest estimate without hidden costs. All you need to do is accept our proposal and watch our team handle the rest.


Before we can install your better-than-epoxy garage floor coating, our team needs to ensure a flawless foundation. We prepare the surface carefully, filling cracks and smoothing rough spots to ensure a smooth-as-silk finish for your new garage floor.


The base coat comes next, with our professional team hand-casting the flakes to ensure perfectly even distribution. When it settles, we scrape any vertical flakes and vacuum the debris.


Applying the polyaspartic topcoat ensures a beautifully smooth and even finish. The topcoat is incredibly durable for years of protection on your garage floor upgrade.


The final step is to ensure that everything is spotless before we leave. There’s a reason that Riverside and the surrounding communities trust us for their polyaspartic or epoxy garage floor coatings needs—we are professionals who care about the details.

Why People Choose Epoxy Time for Garage Floors in Riverside, CA

Epoxy Time has earned an excellent reputation in Riverside, CA, and all our nearby service areas. Our high-quality garage floor coating comes with unsurpassed customer care and exceptional, consistent results. Your project is our priority, and you will find our skilled technicians professional and courteous.

If you want a team that works quickly without sacrificing quality, call Epoxy Time in Riverside, CA. Our focus is on delivering value, and it shows in every aspect of our services.

Call Us Today For a Free Estimate on Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Are you interested in learning more about our garage floor coating systems in Riverside, CA, or the surrounding areas? Epoxy Time wants to show you how easy it is to transform your garage affordably. Let us exceed your expectations and fulfill all your concrete surface finishes on patios, driveways, walkways, garage floors, and more.

Call Epoxy Time at (949) 468-7778 today for a free estimate on cost-effective polyaspartic and epoxy garage floor coating that lasts.

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How Much Do Your Concrete Floor Coatings Cost?

Each project is customized to your particular concrete flooring needs. Every job we do is different, because we offer different types of coatings and finishes.  We will work with you to develop a free estimate keeping your budget in mind. 

How Long Will The Concrete Coating Last?

We use the highest quality materials in our polyaspartic floor coatings and we’ve perfected our application process to make the concrete coating permanent.  Once completely cured and adhered, the concrete coating is meant to last as long as the substrate it’s adhered to.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Over Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Polyaspartic Floor Coatings dry more quickly than Epoxy Floor Coatings, and the finish is also more durable.  Our floor concrete coating finishes are also more slip-resistant and will not discolor like some Epoxy Floor Coatings.

How Long Do I Need To Stay Off My Concrete Floor Coating After It Is Installed?

Our flooring cures within a few hours, however our team of professionals recommends waiting at least 4-6 hours before walking on your brand new concrete coated flooring. After 12 hours, you can begin moving lightweight objects onto the flooring, like light patio furniture.  We recommend waiting a full 24 hours before moving anything heavy back into the area where we’ve applied the coating (your car, heavy equipment or furniture etc.).

Will My New Concrete Floor Coating Turn Yellow?

It sure won’t! Our concrete floor coverings will not yellow or discolor, because they are UV stable. This  one of the many benefits of using Polyurea or Polyaspartic floor coatings.

Will I Need To Reseal My Concrete Floor Coating?

If you follow our maintenance and cleaning guidelines, you should not have to worry about resealing the concrete floor coating. We offer a professional grade cleaner that will easily remove stains or tire marks, but will also preserve the life of your concrete coating topcoat.

How Long Does It Take You To Apply Concrete Floor Coatings?

We’ve perfected our 6-step application process, so most typical projects take between 5-10 hours depending on the square footage.  We pride ourselves in a one-day application, and will do everything possible to stay within that time frame.  Rainy weather can delay the project, but it is rare.

How Do I Care For My Concrete Floor Coating?

You can clean our concrete coatings with typical sweeping, mopping or steaming, and hoses.  We offer maintenance services should your concrete flooring ever need cleaning, however you can also use non-abrasive cleaners, like CLR, to remove grease or other stains. 

Will Oil Stain My Concrete Floor Coating?

Epoxy Time’s coatings are oil-resistant as well as moisture resistant.

Who Invented Polyaspartic Coatings?

Bayer Material Science first developed Polyaspartic coatings in the 1990’s to protect steel bridges and infrastructure from rusting and corrosion. It has since been modified for different applications, once being durable concrete flooring coatings.

What Are Polyaspartic Concrete Coatings?

Polyaspartic Concrete coating is another name for Aliphatic Polyurea, which is a hybrid material consisting of ester and other materials. It was originally developed to coat metal bridges.  It was later used to coat concrete flooring due to its durability and moisture resistance. Polyurea is also used to coat truck bed liners.

Can Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Be Used Outside?

They sure can!  We offer wonderful solutions for driveways, patios, and even the area around the pool.  Our coatings are all UV stable, which will help prevent discoloration or flaking.

What Types Of Environments Can Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Be Used?

Polyaspartic flooring coatings can be used in a variety of environments.  The durability, slip resistant finish is fantastic for any industrial setting, storefronts, patios, or even driveways or garages.

How Are Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Applied?

We have perfected a six step process for applying Polyaspartic Floor Coatings that involves prepping the floor, basecoating, applying chips, scraping the chips, and applying the clear UV protective clear coat. 

Can I Apply Polyaspartic Floor Coatings In Cold Temperatures?

You can!  Polyaspartic floor coatings are safe to apply in temperatures as cold as -40 degrees.

How Long Do Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Take To Dry?

Our Polyaspartic Floor Coatings are engineered to rapidly cure, and can be dry in a matter of a few hours!  However, we recommend waiting at least 5-6 hours before walking on newly applied coating and 24 hours before moving heavy objects back onto the flooring.

Do I Need To Hire A Professional To Install Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

Installing Polyaspartic Floor Coating correctly is critical to the appearance and durability of your flooring.  Hiring a professional is the best way to ensure that your flooring will look amazing and last a lifetime! Our team at Epoxy Time is certified in Polyaspartic Floor Coating installation and has many years of experience.

Is It Possible To Cover Existing Epoxy Floor Coating With Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

It is!  Polyaspartic floor coatings are specially formulated for their incredible adhesion properties.  If you have existing patches of epoxy coating, our team can sand it down, vacuum, and wipe down the area with a solvent.  Once prepped, we will apply your new, superior, Polyaspartic Floor Coating.

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