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Epoxy Time Serves Riverside and Beyond with Concrete Polishing

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If you are exploring the possibilities for concrete polishing in California, Epoxy Time can elevate your concrete to an entirely new level. The designer appeal of polished concrete floors is an affordable way to beautify any surface. Our experts deliver high-quality concrete polishing services that offer complete protection on previously unfinished concrete floors and many years of use.

Our goal is to make your entire experience with Epoxy Time a great one. Contact our friendly professionals now for more about our affordable concrete polishing options in Riverside, CA.

Our competent team serves Riverside, CA, and the surrounding areas of:

Experience the Elegance: Unveiling Polished Concrete Floors

At Epoxy Time, we use a better-than-epoxy floor coating system called polyaspartic flooring.

What Are Polished Concrete Floors?

Epoxy Time takes unfinished concrete floors and makes them beautiful and functional. Unfinished surfaces attract dust and dirt and quickly become unsightly with stains and grime. Polished concrete solves these issues with a shiny new show stopping floor that can enhance any room or outdoor space.

Concrete flooring is durable but not impervious to water damage, staining, chips, and cracks. Over time, unfinished concrete surfaces let in moisture and lead to cracks and other problems. A drab, gray slab of concrete does not always offer the aesthetic appeal you need, which is why the concrete polishing process also offers ways to customize the area.

What Epoxy Time Offers

Dependable Flooring Solutions

Our responsive team answers all your questions and provides a range of suitable options to bring your vision to life. We want you to be completely happy with your new concrete floor coating, and we won’t start the work until you are happy with all the details.

Honest Upfront Pricing

Epoxy Time provides an honest estimate for the concrete polishing services, and there are no hidden costs. Our quote stands, and we offer fair pricing.

Transparency & Integrity

Our word is our bond—we set a clear schedule for your project and stick to it.

High traffic areas will still give you years of use, with the surface looking great. We also offers far more flexibility than traditional epoxy, which means fewer cracks and better resistant to humidity.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors

Epoxy Time offers concrete polishing and other coatings that elevate the style of any indoor or outdoor area. It also offers protection for your concrete, patio, garage, and any other surface we refinish on the property. Polished concrete flooring and epoxy floor options use polyaspartic topcoat materials for affordable flooring solutions, with a range of benefits that add value to your property.

Brighter Spaces

Unfinished concrete is dull and absorbs the light in your space. Concrete polishing quickly lightens up the room or outdoor area and enhances the lighting effects in the room. It can make a space feel brighter and bigger without any effort on your part.

Easy Maintenance

Polished concrete is easier to care for than an unfinished surface. Say goodbye to the dirt and dust of the unfinished concrete surface (the fine dust is known as efflorescence) and prepare for the joys of professional concrete polishing. After we complete the process, all you will need is a damp mop to keep the floors looking great.

Color and Texture Effects

There is no need to settle for drab gray when you can add a pop of color and transform the space. Epoxy Time offers a complete range of hues and textures to add some character to your floor if you want something unique.

Stain Resistance

Concrete polishing protects your floors against stains and other damages. Unprotected concrete is a sponge when it comes to stains and dust, absorbing spills quickly and making it almost impossible to clean without a proper topcoat. With concrete polishing, Epoxy Time gives you durable concrete protection and spills that you can just wipe away.

Great Sustainability

Many homeowners and commercial property owners choose concrete polishing because:

  • It is affordable
  • It offers a range of design options
  • It can be a quick refinishing process

While all the above is true, there is one other reason that many property owners choose concrete polishing: a polished concrete floor is an environmentally friendly option.

Instead of bringing in new materials to cover the concrete, like carpeting, upcycle what is already in place for a designer look that’s kinder to the environment. Why not choose concrete coating options from Epoxy Time, and lower your property’s carbon footprint?

Are Polished Concrete Floors Slippery?

Our Polishing Process

Epoxy Time uses the following multi-step process to polish your concrete floors to perfection:


Epoxy Time’s highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to grind the concrete floor safely and evenly. Grinding removes imperfections to prepare the surface for polishing.

Smoothing and Leveling

Our technicians smooth the surface to prepare it for color applications and polishing. We repair chips and cracks and fix any rough or uneven parts of the floor for the perfect finish.

Staining To Add Color

Epoxy Time offers a wide range of color options for exciting custom results. We use high-quality concrete staining for easy absorption into the concrete and an even, blemish-free surface. Many of our customers choose not to add color to their concrete floor once they see how beautiful the polished original looks, but it is entirely up to you. You can have a plain or colored floor or any pattern that appeals to you. Our professionals will follow your lead and make sure the final concrete polishing brings out the very best on any surface.

Final Concrete Polishing

The final step in the process is bringing your concrete floor to a dazzling shine. We seal and polish the finished concrete for complete protection against stains, dents, dings, cracks, and chips, and the results look amazing.

Concrete Polishing for Retail Spaces: How to Achieve a High-End Look for Your Store

A Free Estimate on Concrete Polishing Near Me

At Epoxy Time, our commitment to customer satisfaction shows in every part of our service. Each of our technicians is fully trained and provides professional, courteous service. Our entire team focuses on providing the best service and quality, and we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all concrete polishing and other resurfacing options.

Polished concrete flooring is a sustainable option for homes or businesses in Riverside, CA. Epoxy Time’s team is the most reliable concrete polishing contractor in the area, delivering the best results and customer experiences with every project.

Call us at (949) 468-7778 today for a free estimate on concrete polishing services in Riverside, CA.


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