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Epoxy Time Serves Riverside and Beyond

Contact Epoxy Time for a free estimate on affordable, high-quality concrete patio resurfacing and create your new outdoor oasis in Riverside, CA, or the surrounding areas.

Long-lasting patio coatings from Epoxy Time are the easiest way to upgrade your outdoor living space. We can help you create an attractive and welcoming area that beckons friends and family to gather in comfort. Why not ask us about our epoxy floor coatings for the show-stopping patio floor that adds a designer touch without the same price tag?

Upgrading your home with Epoxy Time’s coating solutions can be surprisingly affordable. Call our friendly professionals today and find out how our patio coatings add instant value and transform any outdoor living area with a beautiful layer of long-term protection.

Our competent team serves Riverside, CA, and the surrounding areas of:

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At Epoxy Time, we use a better-than-epoxy floor coating system called polyaspartic flooring.

Expertly Designed Patio Coatings from Epoxy Time

Our Riverside customers rave about the finished look of their patios when we complete the project, and it makes all the hard work worth it to see them satisfied with our design, application, and expertise. A great-looking patio is inviting, but our patio coatings offer more than just a designer appeal; they offer durability. Unfinished concrete patios are at risk of damage and decay, but Epoxy Time can help you to protect your patio from:

  • Dampness can seep right into unsealed concrete and wreak havoc below the surface. It also becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew in the California heat, weakening the concrete and causing long-term damage.
  • Chips and cracks. Concrete is strong, but it is not impervious to damage without a seal of protection. If you drop something heavy on unprotected concrete, chips and cracks are inevitable. Our epoxy floor coating will protect against accidental chips and cracks and lock in the strength of the concrete layer beneath it.
  • Sun, wind, and rain prematurely age a concrete surface, and it often looks terrible after a particularly harsh season. Our floor coating system is a great solution, protecting the concrete flooring against the elements and even adding reliable UV protection so that your design does not fade.

Our coating systems deliver the designer look you want for your patio without the price you would usually pay for such a luxurious flooring solution, and it looks amazing for years to come.

The Benefits of High-Quality Concrete Patio Resurfacing from Epoxy Time

At Epoxy Time, we are always looking for ways to deliver the best value to our customers. For example, we use Concrete Armor Products, some of the best products on the market. We also use a polyaspartic flooring process for pool decks for the topcoat option because it is more reliable than traditional epoxy coating systems.

Epoxy Time delivers the best polyaspartic coatings so that you can enjoy affordable, long-lasting results with a whole new patio floor.

Polyaspartic material provides some unique benefits over an epoxy floor, including:


Four times the strength of other epoxy materials

Ready to Use

Five times faster curing than traditional epoxy floor options, so it is ready for use the same day.


Low VOC, so it is safe to use anywhere


Great resistance to stains and UV exposure.

Can Be Applied Anytime

Suitable to apply in a wide range of temperatures year-round.

High traffic areas will still give you years of use, with the surface looking great. We also offers far more flexibility than traditional epoxy, which means fewer cracks and better resistant to humidity.

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Install The Perfect Concrete Patio Coatings for Your Home or Business

Does your patio reflect the home design you would like to achieve? A patio is an extension of the home’s style and adds considerably to the atmosphere you are trying to create for your family or visitors. When you choose Epoxy Time, we design a custom epoxy patio floor to your specifications so that you can bring your interior and outdoor design elements together beautifully.

There is a wide range of colors, textures, and techniques that can easily enhance your patio and still provide the protection it needs. Our low-maintenance floor coatings make it easier than ever to keep your patio floor in top condition year-round.

Why Homeowners Choose Epoxy Time for Floor Coatings

You will find that we have a great reputation in patio refinishing within Riverside, CA, and surrounding communities. Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Epoxy Time, and our team of professionals focuses on providing unsurpassed results on every project. We use the highest quality Concrete Armor products, state-of-the-art equipment, and the right technique to refinish your patio flawlessly.

If you want an experienced team that offers competitive pricing, call Epoxy Time for a free estimate on Riverside concrete patio coatings because:

  • We take pride in every project.
  • Our technicians enjoy improving your property.
  • We never cut corners, completing the project the right way for long-lasting, high-quality results.
  • Our prices are always affordable.
  • We value integrity and communicate well.
  • You won’t find hidden costs with us.
  • We will arrive on time and finish your concrete surface coatings as promised.
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Easy Maintenance with Epoxy Patio Resurfacing in Riverside, CA

Epoxy Time handles the entire project from start to finish. You do not have to do anything other than to enjoy the new patio. Our team takes care of every step for exceptional results, including the following process:

Priming Your Patio

Our fully licensed and insured technicians will prepare your patio for the transformation by filling cracks and smoothing the surface.

Applying the Base Coat and Color Chips

We apply the base coat and scatter the color chips by hand to ensure even distribution and a smooth, consistent surface for your patio. We rake the flooring to ensure no upright flakes interfere with the flawless finish.

Finishing Touches

Once the floor is even, we use a polyaspartic topcoat to finish off the patio’s surface and seal in the epoxy floor color perfectly.

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Call Epoxy Time for A Free Estimate on Patio Coatings Today

Do you dream of a patio that you feel proud to display and can enjoy year-round? Enhance your outdoor living space with Epoxy Time’s extensive selection of patio coatings and designs in Riverside, CA. It is as easy as picking up the phone to the best patio coatings contractors in Riverside, CA, and the surrounding areas.

Call us at (949) 468-7778 today for a free estimate on beautiful, long-lasting patio coatings.


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