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Can You Polish Existing Concrete?

Contrary to what many property owners believe, you can apply concrete polish to old concrete floors. However, there is a lot of work that goes into the job. It may also not work well for all concrete types.

Polishing concrete is not as simple as renting a polishing machine and resurfacing your floor. Here, the Epoxy Time team goes over the steps to polishing existing concrete surfaces.

What Is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a great way to rejuvenate your old concrete. It’s a quick and easy process that can make your concrete look newly installed.

Concrete polishing starts by ensuring your old concrete is clean and dry. Then, you apply an acid-based solution to the surface of your concrete floor. The acid in the solution will remove any stains and scratches from your concrete floor, leaving it looking like new.

After applying the acid solution, you’ll need to use a rotary grinder machine to buff out any remaining residue from the surface of your floor. Smoothing the floor is crucial to getting superior polishing results. Grinding will ensure no streaks or uneven surfaces diminish your newly polished concrete floor.

After polishing, you’ll have an attractive and easy-to-maintain concrete floor that will last for years.

Applying concrete polish to existing concrete is a cost-effective concrete resurfacing solution. It uses relatively simple equipment and materials. Overall, polishing makes it easier for you to upgrade your concrete floors without breaking the bank.

Can You Apply Concrete Polish to All Concrete Floors?

You can’t polish all concrete floors, as not all concrete floors are equal. There are different types of concrete, each with different properties. As a rule of thumb, the more porous the concrete, the easier it is to clean or polish.

If your concrete floor has a lot of texture in it, like a pebble finish or a textured finish, it’s going to be harder for you to achieve the gloss of polished floors. You may need to do some serious prep work on the floor first.

Another key consideration is how much damage your existing concrete floor has. The most common type of concrete that resists polishing has severe water, stain, or other residue.

If your concrete is smooth and solid, you’ll be able to use a polishing kit without a problem!

Are There Alternatives to Concrete Polishing for Severely Damaged Floors?

You can take advantage of alternative solutions to polish severely damaged concrete floors. Above all, consider concrete coatings versus applying concrete polish.

These epoxy or polyurea base and polyaspartic top coatings are just as durable as a polishing job. They will transform the look of your bare concrete floor while giving it significant longevity.

Flooring experts first ensure that concrete floors are clean, dry, and sound before they apply concrete coatings. These coatings protect old concrete surfaces from water, chemicals, UV sunlight, and abrasion.

The epoxy or polyurea base provides excellent adhesion and resilience for your floor. The polyaspartic top coat provides a hard, scratch-resistant finish that resists chemicals such as acid rain, salt spray, and other harsh environmental factors.

What’s more, these coatings are UV-stable and UV-resistant. UV-stable coatings offer more protection against sun exposure. UV-resistant coatings protect against sunlight but will not prevent fading or discoloration if the concrete sustains sunlight exposure over time.

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