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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating – Complete Installation Process

Epoxy flooring is the best way to take your commercial space from looking good to great. Epoxy not only adds a beautiful shine to your flooring but also creates a long-lasting seal that protects your building’s foundation from the elements.

Commercial epoxy flooring is also a great solution for any business that needs easy and hygienic cleaning. We highly recommend epoxy flooring for restaurants, car dealerships, commercial kitchens, garages, hospitals, and more.

If you are in the market for new flooring for your business, keep reading to find out what epoxy flooring is and how to install it.

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy flooring is derived from the chemical compound group of the same name. The applied epoxy resin hardens enough that your flooring becomes nearly indestructible. Because of its strength, we at Epoxy Time even offer a 10-year warranty with our floors.

Epoxy flooring has several layers. We can easily apply the epoxy coating as an overlay on any floor. This sealant is highly effective and more affordable than getting a new floor.

To apply an epoxy floor coating, we must first clean up the base layer of the floor. We then apply a base epoxy layer that we customize to your taste. After the base layer dries, we clean up any imperfections and apply clear topcoats.

After all the layers dry, they bond so strongly with the original flooring that they create one industrial-strength surface that is slip-, stain-, and water-resistant.

What Types of Epoxy Flooring Are There?

The main types of epoxy flooring are:

  • Epoxy Flakes
  • Metallic Marble Epoxy
  • Epoxy-Tile

Epoxy Flakes

Epoxy flakes are perfect for floors that need a lot of protection from wear and tear, such as exterior or garage flooring. They are made from combining epoxy with vinyl chips.

Metallic Marble Epoxy

We recommend this epoxy coating for residential homes and businesses looking for a classy epoxy floor coating. It is an attractive coating that looks almost metallic, as well as slightly pearlescent. Metallic marble is the perfect way to spruce up a lightly-used floor.


Epoxy-tile combines the epoxy element with strong floor tile. This option allows you to choose the style, color, and shape of tile that you want while applying a strong, protective barrier over the top.

How Do You Install an Epoxy Flooring System?

At Epoxy Time, we use a six-step process to install a commercial epoxy flooring system. The process is as follows:

  1. First, we must diamond-grind and shot-blast the base floor, thus adding porosity that ensures the epoxy bonds.
  2. We then eliminate all imperfections in the base floor to ensure that it is flat and ready for installation. That includes filling holes or grinding down raised areas.
  3. After cleaning up leftover debris, we apply an epoxy base coat with a squeegee to fill extra cracks or imperfections that we may have missed.
  4. If you opt for epoxy flakes, we hand-cast them after applying the 100% self-priming base coat. Afterward, we allow the base coat to cure.
  5. Next, we remove any extra flakes if applicable and sand the base coat. We then clean up debris again.
  6. Finally, we apply the protective polyaspartic topcoat. You must wait to begin normal business operations until this abrasion-resistant coat fully dries.

If you opt for metallic marble or epoxy-tile flooring, the process slightly differs. For an epoxy-tile floor, we must apply your new tile before the epoxy layers. We also have to prepare the surface of the tile for epoxy by diamond grinding it.

To create a metallic marble epoxy floor coating system, we use colored epoxy. After applying the base layer, we dump several colored epoxies over the floor in random patterns. Our expert artists then swirl the colors to create a beautiful marble effect.

You can easily combine epoxy-tile flooring with metallic marble epoxy. However, combining the two methods may create a floor that is too busy and less attractive. You can always discuss your options and ideas with one of the epoxy experts at Epoxy Time.

Looking for Professional Epoxy Flooring Installation in Orange County, CA?

Commercial epoxy flooring is an ideal industrial solution for any business looking to redo its floor. Epoxy is customizable to any business’s needs, whether that is durability, affordability, allure, or all the above.

For the best commercial epoxy installation in Orange Country, CA, call Epoxy Time. Our ideal location in Riverside, California allows us to easily service the surrounding communities. Call us at (949) 468-7778 for a free quote today!