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Concrete Pool Decks: Causes of Damage and How to Fix Them

As a property owner, you understand the ins and outs of regular upkeep. However, if you’re new to pool ownership, you may be less familiar with handling concrete pool deck damage.

Concrete pool decks can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, with the proper knowledge and professional guidance, you can make decisions that minimize your repair costs, reduce stress, and keep your concrete pool deck safer for longer.

At Epoxy Time, we provide high-quality concrete pool deck coatings in the greater Orange County area. In this blog, we cover the common causes of concrete pool deck damage and the steps you can take to fix them.

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Common Causes of Concrete Pool Deck Damage

As we mentioned, concrete pool decks can take damage from various sources. Take a look at some common causes of pool deck damage to stay ahead of any potential repair needs.


Heat causes thermal expansion in many materials, including concrete. As temperatures rise and fall, intense heat can cause warping and crack in concrete surfaces.

How To Repair Heat Damage

Once concrete cracks, the best repairs include patches made of concrete, vinyl, and epoxy. To prevent further damage, avoid attempting to fill cracks or level concrete surfaces yourself. Hire professional services to inspect and repair concrete cracks.

Salt Buildup

Many property owners use de-icing salt during winter to keep their concrete pool decks from freezing.

With many successive applications over time, the salt releases alkaline chemicals that dry and crack concrete surfaces.

Repairing Salt Buildup

Professional concrete repair services remove built-up de-icing salts. Next, the team resurfaces and patches the concrete as necessary. If desired, professionals can add slip-resistant concrete coatings to reduce the need for de-icing salt during cold seasons.

Crumbling Concrete

Crumbling concrete indicates weakness in the structure of the concrete itself, and should not appear as part of normal wear and tear. This weakness could result from improper mixing, too much water in the concrete mix, exposure to salt, and other issues.

Fixing Crumbling Concrete

The only repair for crumbling concrete comes in the form of patches or total replacement. Schedule an inspection to receive a quote for a stable, crumble-free concrete pool deck.

Cold Weather

Similar to thermal expansion issues, cold weather causes changes to the physical structure of concrete pool decks and other concrete surfaces. During extreme winter temperatures, concrete may warp, crack, or crumble.

Cold Weather Damage Repairs

Once warping, cracking and crumbling occur, concrete pool decks require patching or resurfacing.

Ground Movement

Ground movement frequently happens in California. Beyond tremors and earthquakes, though, foundation settling and other ground movements can warp or otherwise damage a concrete pool deck.

Ground-Related Damage Repair

Repairing concrete damaged by ground movement sometimes requires foundational repairs. Consult with professionals to determine which services you’ll need to return your pool deck to safe operational status.

No matter what damages your concrete pool deck, you deserve the best solutions available. By working with trained professionals, you cut down on your personal property and safety risk, save time, and end up with high-quality results.

How To Care For Concrete Pool Decks

So you have a new or recently updated concrete pool deck. Make the most of your investment by taking the proper steps to extend your deck’s longevity.

Concrete Coatings

One way to improve the look, safety, and durability includes concrete pool deck coatings.

Available in a wide range of color options and textures, a cool deck coating can not only add slip resistance to your deck, but can also improve your property’s poolside aesthetic appeal, too.

Regular Upkeep

Another great way to keep your concrete pool deck looking and working like brand new requires regular upkeep.

Schedule annual maintenance and inspection services with concrete coating experts to make sure your deck remains safe, adds to your property value, and looks sharp.

Work With a Trusted Concrete Coatings Company

If you have a damaged concrete pool deck, take action soon. Repairs and preventative measures, such as patches and concrete pool deck coatings, go a long way to helping property owners make the most of their poolside concrete surfaces.

To find out what a professional concrete pool deck coating can do for your property, schedule your consultation today. Call the Epoxy Time Team at 949-468-7778 for top-tier service in Orange County and surrounding areas.