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Effects of Winter on Your Outdoor Concrete Floors

Winter is a harsh time in many respects; from short days to frigid temperatures, to scraping snow off your car, it can be a challenge. This isn’t even mentioning the challenges that cooler weather can present to your home. Winter can take its toll on your home, especially your outdoor concrete floors. Read on as we discuss how winter can affect your outdoor concrete floors and how to keep them safe.

How Can Winter Affect Your Outdoor Concrete Floors

Though this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, here are a few ways winter can affect your outdoor concrete floors:


Though perhaps self-explanatory, cracking can occur on your concrete floors in the winter. This can be caused by a lot of moisture pooling on the surface after thawing ice, the sheer weight of ice and snow on the concrete, or even the expansion of concrete due to ice and cold getting in it. Be sure to use de-icing agents and sand in the winter if extreme cold or snow is expected. In addition, be sure to protect your flooring well with a solid sealing agent.


Scaling can occur in the winter when the top protective layer of the concrete is stripped away. This leaves particles on top of the concrete, making it less gorgeously shiny and more rough and bare. This can be caused by a great deal of ice or snow on the surface. If you think about it, this makes sense, as the first thing to be affected in your concrete by snow and ice would be the top layer. Most concrete should be able to withstand some snow and ice, but be sure to chat with your contractor if you have concerns about this.


On the more extreme side of the damage, your concrete floors can spill in the winter. This type of damage is when the concrete breaks from the surface all the way down to its reinforcements. This can be a result of many freeze-thaw cycles, and the use of de-icing salts, among other quality issues in the concrete itself. Spalling usually begins as cracking, so if you catch it early, you may be able to prevent further damage.

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