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Epoxy Time – A Family Business For 3 Generations 

Epoxy Time has been a family business for three generations. We founded our company to provide quality epoxy products and services to our customers. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers, and we take pride in our craft.

Epoxy Time knows what it means to be a family business. And, we know how to treat our customers right and make them feel like family. Also, we offer benefits for Active-Duty Military, Veterans, Active Duty or Retired Law Enforcement, Teachers, and Seniors.

So, you probably want to know more about Epoxy Time. We have been in business for over 18 years, learning a few things. Please continue reading to learn more about us!

Who are We?

Epoxy Time is a family-owned business. Family-owned businesses often have a close-knit group of employees, and Epoxy Time is no exception. Our owner is as close to the veterans as he is to the newest workers.

Family-owned businesses often provide stability and security for their employees and opportunities for advancement. Here at Epoxy Time, we offer this for both our employees and our customers. We believe we all need to treat each other with the utmost respect.

Additionally, we have a long-term perspective beneficial to all rather than short-term thinking that can be detrimental to the business. As a result, we can offer both our customers and employees outstanding benefits and treatment.

What is the Mission of Epoxy Time?

At Epoxy Time, our mission is to improve the communities we serve through our products and services. By beautifying and protecting homes, we believe that we can positively impact the people who live and work in our communities. Moreover, we offer a wide range of concrete coatings to improve concrete surfaces’ look and durability to achieve our mission.

In addition, we regularly give back to the community through charitable initiatives. Also, our list of benefits is numerous for Veterans, active-duty military, active or retired law enforcement, teachers, and seniors. We can make a difference in the world around us by working together.

Why Should You Choose a Family-Owned Business over a Corporate Business?

There are a few key differences between family-owned businesses and corporate businesses. First, family-owned companies are typically much smaller in scale than corporations. This smaller scale, as mentioned before, allows us to have better communication and be closer to each other.

Additionally, family-owned businesses tend to be more flexible and responsive to change than large corporations. This flexibility can be a significant advantage when it comes to making quick decisions or reacting to market conditions. Finally, family-owned businesses often have a longer-term perspective than corporations. This is because we don’t need to meet quarterly earnings targets for shareholders.

Instead, we focus on creating value for the next generation of our community and owners. As a result, we can make far more of our own decisions and be flexible when we need to. So, come to Epoxy Time if you want quality service from quality people.

Epoxy Time is a Family Business

Epoxy Time’s family does not just include our employees, it includes our customers too. We work to provide for our community and customers and better the lives of everyone we come by.

 With our wide variety of floor coating styles, you will find one that fits your needs. We offer commercial coatingsdriveway coatingsgarage floor coatingspatio coatingspool deck coatings, and concrete polishing. In addition, we service the areas of Orange CountyEastvaleMurrietaRiversideTemecula, and Yorba Linda.

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