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How to Maintain a Polished Concrete Commercial Floor

While a polished concrete floor is durable and long-lasting, you still need to regularly take care of it so it stays in its best shape for years and years. Especially if your floor experiences heavy vehicle or foot traffic, it might deteriorate quicker than expected without proper maintenance. Luckily, polished concrete floors are easier to care for than other decorative concrete coatings.

The team at Epoxy Time has had our fair share of experience with polished concrete. And we know there are routines you should do daily, weekly, and monthly to keep your polished concrete floor in good condition. We’ll cover those routines and more in this article.

Daily Maintenance

Every day you should promptly clean up any spills that might occur on the surface. Concrete, after all, is porous so water and other liquids can penetrate the surface if left unattended. Other liquids in particular, like chemicals, will leave unattractive stains that can be difficult or impossible to remove without floor servicing. Worse, the stains can deteriorate the floor’s polished surface. Immediate care of spills is also a great safety measure because it will eliminate any slipping hazards and accidents.

In addition to spill maintenance, it’s best practice to dry-mop your floor daily. This removes pesky dust particles, which might not be that bad at first, but over time the abrasive dust particles affect the surface and its clarity.

Weekly Maintenance

Dry mopping is great to get the constant, loose dust, but that won’t do the trick forever. Every week you should bust out the wet mop to eliminate debris, dirt, and grime that accumulates. Use a neutral-PH cleaner for an even easier process and better results. Work systematically to make sure the whole floor is cleaned. Dividing the process into smaller areas can yield good results because residue can be left behind when the cleaner is fully dried.

Monthly Maintenance

Following the above processes every day and week will really keep your floor in good condition. One thing to consider is doing a “deep clean” every month. Shuffle furniture around and clean in spots where you don’t normally have good access. This will significantly reduce any build-up on the floor and likely keep your furniture and equipment in better shape as well.

Hire Professional Cleaning Services

If you and your team are spread thin and time is a luxury you don’t have, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to stop by every day, week, or month. These cleaners will have the right products, equipment, and time to get the job done right. So you can have more time to focus on your business or enjoy time outside of work.

Yet, don’t make the mistake of doing nothing for your polished concrete floor. Concrete by itself can’t withstand everything that’s thrown it’s way. From chemicals to dirt, these minute things play a big part in eroding concrete over time. Either carve out 15 minutes every day for you to clean or make the investment in professional cleaners.

What to Know about Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is an affordable and efficient way to revamp your current concrete floor. It consists of using professional equipment to grind and finely tune a concrete floor to get it back to its best shape. The result is a durable and attractive flooring surface that’s sure to impress anyone walking by.

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