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Is Your Concrete Patio Protected from Winter Weather?

Winter is coming, so it’s time to start thinking about protecting your concrete patio from the cold weather. Concrete is a popular material for outdoor patios thanks to its durability and low maintenance.

However, exposure to freezing temperatures and precipitation can damage it. This blog post will teach you the best way to winterize your patio and keep it looking great all winter long.

The Importance of Winterizing Concrete Patios

A concrete slab is quite permeable. If you’re like many homeowners after the first snowfall, you will shovel off your patio or simply clear a path to get out the door and to the driveway.

Whatever action you take, the sun will eventually come out and melt away the snow, leaving water behind. This water will seep into cracks and pores of your concrete patio floor and will re-freeze and expand when the temperature drops.

The expansion creates a wedge that chips, cracks, and damages your patio. The fractures can even cause concrete paint to peel off, undermining the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

If your concrete slab is already showing signs of damage, you can prevent the damage from worsening during the winter by patching and repairing the cracks yourself.

However, a coating is arguably the most effective way to protect your concrete patio from winter weather. Installing the coating before temperatures drop will help prevent melted snow and ice from soaking into your concrete surface and weakening it upon freezing.

Why Choose Epoxy Time for Your Patio Coatings in Orange County, CA?

While you can attempt to coat your concrete patio on your own, there are numerous benefits to hiring a professional contractor for the job, including the following:

Professional Advice

When you choose a contractor that specializes in concrete floor coating, you are getting much more than just skilled labor. You also have access to industry experts. Since floor coating installers work with coating products daily, they will know the right products to offer the best winter protection to your outdoor space.

Professional Equipment

A reputable concrete coating company will have all the resources necessary to do a perfect job. Their technicians will also have the knowledge and experience to use the equipment to deliver the best results.

Improved Floor Durability

Concrete coatings can last for decades when installed correctly. The best way to ensure proper and efficient coating installation is to hire a contractor specializing in concrete floor coating. The contractor will ensure a professional finish that can stand the test of time.


When you hire a reputable professional, you can rest easy knowing that your patio coating project will be completed within the set time frame while getting your desired results. Concrete coating contractors usually handle every aspect of the project, including the legal requirements, meaning you can save more time and not worry about the requisite building codes.

Cost Efficiency

Many homeowners opt for a DIY concrete coating to save money. However, the truth is that you can save more money by leaving your patio floor coating project to a professional contractor. The contractor will have a team of technicians who can do the job right the first time without costly mistakes.

Protect Your Concrete Patio with Epoxy Time

Now that you know the advantages of hiring a professional for your patio coatings, you should leave your project to Epoxy Time. We are the go-to contractor for high-quality concrete coatings in Orange County, CA, and the surrounding areas.

We are a family-owned and operated company with over two decades of industry experience and three generations of epoxy coaters. We specialize in epoxy base coats and polyaspartic topcoats. However, our knowledgeable and experienced team can also do Polyurea base with polyaspartic topcoats.

We combine skills, experience, and high-quality materials to exceed our customers’ expectations and ensure 100% satisfaction.

Our epoxy base color coat with polyaspartic top coat installations comes with a ten-year warranty. We also offer a 20-year warranty for our poly base color coat with polyaspartic top coat installations, so our customers can rest easy knowing they are getting a long-lasting floor coating.

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Protect your concrete patio from the cold temperatures this winter. If you are ready to install concrete coating to offer much-needed protection against winter weather, the specialists at Epoxy Time are here to help.

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