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Polished Concrete Floors – Are They Cheap Or Expensive?

Are polished concrete floors expensive? Thanks to their functionality and durability in high-traffic areas, these attractive concrete flooring options have gained huge popularity in recent years, and they come with many benefits. While concrete will eventually deteriorate, there are several ways to spruce up a building’s concrete surfaces without needing to pay for major renovation services.

Polishing happens to be one of the easiest options to give the property’s concrete floors a facelift and usher in a modern look. Here is what the Epoxy Time professionals want you to know about the process of polishing and how these factors might affect the cost of the project.

So, Is a Polished Concrete Floor Expensive?

Polishing concrete floors will vary in price, but this is still one of the most economical choices as a durable flooring option. Below are several factors that may influence how expensive polished concrete floor surface projects might be in the long run:

#1 Starting from Scratch or Polishing Old Concrete

When a property owner is considering whether to polish a concrete slab, the pre-existing surface is a primary consideration. Without an existing concrete subfloor that is in workable condition, a fresh concrete slab is the first step. Polishing existing concrete surfaces is easier and cheaper than laying a new slab.

#2 The Condition of The Concrete Floor and Subflooring Matters

Polishing concrete floors typically involves a multi-step grinding process. Our contractors may need to remove a number of layers first, which directly affects the overall price of the project. The main consideration will be the condition and quality of the concrete floor surface and subflooring, and less grinding and filling will mean much less work to prepare the floor.

Floors in good shape should only need a few thorough passes but marred and pitted surfaces usually need more work and time to be ready for resurfacing. A good way to gauge the condition of the floor is to walk around and carefully inspect it for cracks and chips, the biggest issues with concrete slabs. Our team can repair most chips and cracks with patching compounds, but severe damage like chasing often needs more attention to smooth out.

#3 The Cost Changes Depending on the Surface Area

The price of polished concrete floors changes directly with the square footage of the concrete floor that needs polishing. A contractor like Epoxy Time will generally multiply the surface length by its width for a base estimate on repairs, preparation, and polishing. In most cases, light polishing with few repairs will be the lowest figure on a quote; a floor in poor condition will add on costs for fixing, filling, and related tasks to have the surface ready for the final touches.

In general, the larger the surface area, the less a customer will need to pay per square foot. However, this is not the case with polished floors across multiple rooms. The number of rooms involved will directly affect the price since the contractor may need an array of specialized tools to maneuver around doorways, perfect edges, and seal potential openings properly.

#4 Additional Finishes or Design Elements Can Change the Quote

Do you want the newly polished floors to be glossier or to achieve different finishes? The more intricate the craftsmanship required, the more the quote will reflect these specialized skills. A team like Epoxy Time can work wonders with any concrete floor; feel free to ask us about the options if you have a particular color, effect, or pattern in mind.

The higher cost is due to the additional steps and may increase further for incorporating elaborate designs, multiple colors, and other aesthetics.

Choose Value for Money with Epoxy Time

There are ways to lower the cost of polishing concrete floors, and choosing a skilled contractor like Epoxy Time is one sure way to get the most out of the project. Whatever makes the polishing process more straightforward will reduce the overall cost. For instance, repairing a concrete surface and removing stains will provide a clean surface on which to work for the final touches.

Why choose Epoxy Time? While the initial cost of these types of projects is a major factor for many customers, it should not be the only consideration on whether to polish your concrete surfaces. The benefits and durability of polished concrete flooring save money in the long run and look superb for years to come—employing a competent contractor makes that decision an even better one.

Polished Concrete Flooring Is Worth It

Would you like to learn more about how or why to polish your concrete floors? The flooring experts from Epoxy Time offer professional services and unmatched results.

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