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Why Polyaspartic Coatings Are The Best Choice For Garage Floors

The beautiful appearance and functionality of a garage floor coating convince homeowners to invest in new flooring. Garage floor coatings extend the life of your floors, repel oil, water, and other liquids, and are easy to maintain.

When it comes to coating options, the choice usually comes down to polyaspartic and epoxy coatings. However, when compared, polyaspartic garage floors have better features and offer unique benefits to homeowners.

In this post, you will discover why polyaspartic coating systems are the best option for your garage floors.

6 Major Benefits to Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

What makes polyaspartic garage coating better than epoxy? Let’s look at some of the most significant benefits.

1. Durable

The quality of materials used during coating installation is vital to consider. Polyaspartic coatings are long-lasting and durable. With regular maintenance and cleaning, they can hold up for decades.

In addition, the floor coating system has high-resistant features, making it the ideal option for high-traffic areas and floors susceptible to liquid spills and scratches.

2. Affordable

Cheaper floor coating systems are always an attractive option, but as you might assume, they aren’t always the best solution. Polyaspartic garage floors are affordable and match their value and pricing to quality and excellence.

As a result, you get to use a premium-quality floor coating system that meets your needs and preferences at an affordable price.

3. Flexible

Polyaspartic floor coatings are more flexible than epoxy floors in terms of installation time and outside temperature. While you need to install epoxy coatings at the right temperature and in suitable conditions, polyaspartic coatings tend to be more adaptable.

You can install your polyaspartic coating at a temperature as high as 140°F or as low as -30°F, depending on the type of coating you prefer. The best part is that you don’t need to wait until summer or spring to install your new flooring, making it suitable for those who live in colder climates.

4. Multiple Color Options

Decorative finishes are vast in color options and easily customizable to meet multiple needs and demands. When you choose the color of your garage floors, you can also use decorative chip finishes to create a unique look.

If necessary, you can consult with a polyaspartic installation professional to help you choose suitable decorative chips for your garage based on size, preferences, and budget. Using a decorative chip system is an excellent opportunity to improve the aesthetic value of your garage while updating the overall look.

5. High Resistance

Polyaspartic garage floors can withstand all impacts, stains, chemical spills, punctures, and direct contact with low and high temperatures. A protective flooring system such as polyaspartic doesn’t need regular or expensive waxing to maintain its functionality.

Besides high resistance to stains and blemishes, it repels corrosion, which is an immense benefit for garage floors. Similar to polymer coatings, polyaspartic provides superior protection from rust.

Polyaspartic floors are also resistant to UV rays, meaning your floors won’t stain or lose their shine even after years of use. High resistance to UV exposure makes polyaspartic the best choice for outdoor use.

6. Improve Air Quality

When homeowners think about the garage floor coating they want, they often forget about the air quality. However, maintaining quality airflow is an essential factor to consider as it can impact your health and the health of everyone who comes to your garage.

Another significant benefit that polyaspartic garage floors offer is low VOCs or volatile organic compounds. These compounds make polyaspartic odorless and resistant to chemicals, creating a harmful air quality problem.

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