4 Signs That Your Pool Deck Needs Resurfacing Job

4 Signs That Your Pool Deck Needs Resurfacing Job

Resurfacing existing pool decks and pool deck coatings can breathe new life into the surface and protect it from future damage. The great thing is that you don’t have to replace the deck if you resurface it, which is often a better alternative when it comes to saving money. Let us go over a few of […]

4 Things to Consider about Polished Concrete Floors

4 Things to Consider about Polished Concrete Floors.

A polished concrete floor is one of the best floorings updates a home or business can do. After all, it turns a cracked, stained, and old concrete surface into a thing of beauty. Concrete alone can’t withstand dirt, water, and foot traffic, so polishing is due every few years. But, obviously, before you make any […]

How to Maintain a Polished Concrete Commercial Floor

How to Maintain a Polished Commercial Floor

While a polished concrete floor is durable and long-lasting, you still need to regularly take care of it so it stays in its best shape for years and years. Especially if your floor experiences heavy vehicle or foot traffic, it might deteriorate quicker than expected without proper maintenance. Luckily, polished concrete floors are easier to […]

How to Repair Epoxy Coating Failure

how to repair Epoxy Coating Failure?

Epoxy is a popular choice for residential and commercial applications because of its low maintenance requirements and ease of installation. An epoxy coating cures into a beautiful and sturdy surface that can withstand years of heavy wear and tear. However, even the most well-cared-for epoxy coating experiences damage over time. Because epoxy requires professional installation, […]

Can You Coat a Driveway in Cold Weather in Orange County?

As winter approaches, many homeowners in Orange County wonder if they can coat their driveway in cold weather. The answer is yes; you can coat a driveway in winter so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Due to the deicing chemicals, constant moisture exposure, and fluctuating temperatures, Orange County’s harsh winters can take a […]

What Garage Floor Coating Lasts the Longest?

Garage Floor Epoxy

The right garage floor coating can transform an old, worn-out concrete surface, making it strong, polished, and visually stunning. Garage coatings are also chemical, stain, and moisture-resistant. Besides a coating’s finish, strength, and stain resistance, its durability matters. After all, no property owner wants to repair or replace a flooring system months after installing it. […]

Can You Polish Existing Concrete?

Can you polish existing concrete?

Contrary to what many property owners believe, you can apply concrete polish to old concrete floors. However, there is a lot of work that goes into the job. It may also not work well for all concrete types. Polishing concrete is not as simple as renting a polishing machine and resurfacing your floor. Here, the […]

Is Your Concrete Patio Protected from Winter Weather?

Is Your Concrete Patio Protected From Winter Weather?

Winter is coming, so it’s time to start thinking about protecting your concrete patio from the cold weather. Concrete is a popular material for outdoor patios thanks to its durability and low maintenance. However, exposure to freezing temperatures and precipitation can damage it. This blog post will teach you the best way to winterize your […]

How to Prep Garage Floor for Epoxy Coating in Orange County, CA

how to prep garage floor for epoxy coating in Orange Coanty CA

A garage floor epoxy coating can provide a durable, long-lasting finish for your garage floor. However, to ensure that the epoxy coat adheres properly and lasts as long as possible, you must prepare your garage floor surface properly. Therefore, if you’re considering upgrading your garage floor with epoxy floor coating in Orange County, CA, follow […]

Polished Concrete vs. Epoxy Flooring: Which One Is Better?

Polished Concrete vs. Epoxy Flooring: Which One Is Better?

Whether you’re looking to make a new purchase or just want to spruce up your property, there are lots of flooring options to refresh your space. Polished concrete and epoxy flooring are the two most popular concrete finish options for homes and businesses. Both of these options are durable and attractive, but they have their […]